Morris Minor OC Web Rally 06

Door repairs

Summer 2007


2 Door Saloon Door Glass. Showing the bottom where the winder connects. The rubber that runs along the channel had perrish so I replaced it with the same type of rubber that runs under the door as it has the same profile available HERE


I had 2 doors that had been in the garden shed since I scrapped a black 2 door 5 year ago. Both doors had rotted out at the bottom. Instead of buying repair panels I decided to cut out the rot and make my own. These 2 doors would replace the door presently fitted to Moggy.

Near side door start.

Repair panel hammered in to shape.

Door marked up and the rot cut out.

Repair section welded in
Weld linnished off
Etch weld primer
I left plenty of drainage holes in the closing repair panel
Crack welded up and the edge rebuilt with weld
surface rust showing under the old primer
Old paint remove with a 36 grit disc
1st coat of etch primer
fill, rub dowm and repeat, and repeat.....
flaten back and repeat....

Near side Door finnished.  I lost count of the days this took, or should I say weeks!

I can see now why a friend was quoted £700 per door to repair his 3500 Rover

Door internals sprayed with Dynax 50

Off Side door start.


I opened up the seam along the bottom, dug out the rot and inserted a thin strip of steel and closed the seam again, this would give me something solid to weld the repair panel to and keep the bottom edge where it should be.

Drivers doors tend to crack here. I shaped a small piece of steel sheet about 4 x 1 1/2 inch to fit on the inside under the crack and welded through the crack onto the new steel.
to be continued next summer:  


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