Bolt on Modifications

Bolt on Modifications

fitted 2007

Big Bore Stainless Steel Exhaust  and SU HIF 38 Carb on a lead free 1098cc
The performance with these bolt on's is a lot better. there is this long hill locally that the old girl use to struggle to get up, sometimes dropping down to third gear, now she fly's up there in forth.

I bought most of the parts from those helpful people at the Morris Minor Centre Birmingham; these included:

A 3 branch exhaust manifold 2 box system made by Falcon, 3 fixing straps and clamps. un serviced SU HIF38 Carb(£45), K&N air filter, throttle & choke cables, 2 studs and nuts, carb to manifold insulation gaskets and rocker breather pipe.

The throttle cable mounting plate was purchased from Mini Spares

Lead free head was from MGM Spares  & new complete rocker gear from EMS.


The carb, in hindsight would be better to source from a local breaker or Ebay especially if you are going to shell out for service kits anyway.

The DPE performance heated inlet manifold  was won on Ebay.

As it was a second hand carb and for peace of mind I bought a new float needle valve and main jet from Burlen Fuel Systems

I had to drill a hole in the tab where the choke cable sits as mine was blank for some reason.

I fitted short Stub Stack inside the the K&N as these are meant to increase air flow, can't tell if it has thought.

Carb needle size I'm running at the moment is ADK, this needle is slightly leaner lower & mid range than the AAA that I started with.

.90 Jet size Compare up to 5 SU needles on a graph.

here at


With the old inlet/exhaust manifold out of the way,

I took this opportunity to clean and paint the engine; this was a great help:

Morphy Richards 70515 Grimebuster Professional Steam Cleaner.(no longer available)

here is the spec:

  • High efficiency aluminium boiler
  • 2.2kw double element for quicker heat-up time and sustained pressure
  • 4 bar pressure
  • Steam Output = 70g/min
  • Locking pressure cap
  • 1.8 litre boiler capacity
  • On-handle steam on/off
This is what I used to get the baked on crud off of the engine prior to painting. cleaned the carb off nicely too. The engine paint I used was BMC Green available from EMS
Just changed the plugs for Moggys winter service. She has running 5 month with the new setup. They don't look to bad using this to compare with NGK BP6ES site. Moggy does a lot of short journeys and she has a habit of running on a tad, she done this with the standard setup, and the new Champion N9YC's have not made any difference, might try a cooler plug like BP7ES next time to see if that cures her. I also add valve master plus to boost the fuel octane.
Dynamo to Alternator conversion

Converted to an Lucas LRA 602 alternator to cope with the planned fitting of heated screens. I can't remember what car the alternator came off, its been sat in a cupboard for many years. I purchased a new rear mounting & adjusting bracket from EMS, bolted straight on and it lined up a treat, even kept the same fan belt. I joined the Yellow & Green wire (old dynamo field wire now plugged into the IND terminal on the alternator)to the thin yellow wire (warning light wire), and the thick Yellow (old dynamo output wire) (now plugged into the + output of the alternator) went back to the + side of the battery via the thick red wire. My regulator black box is not a standard moggy one as the terminal lay out is different but the colour codes are the same. Take an extra feed from the alternator to the battery,  there are two large + spade connectors terminals for doing this as this one pumps out 70 amps.

When I fit the Marina pedal box I have the wiring will be rearranged and tidied up on the nearside bulkhead.

I have noticed that the engine revs drop quite a bit at tick over when the heated screens are on and the alternator is working hard.

New Wheels

Bolted on a set of 4 Minilites 14 x 51/2 J's, courtesy of The Moggy Centre Birmingham, shod them with a set of Avon CR332's 185/65R14T £25 each secial offer at National Tyres.

The steering is still quite light, the ride is a smidgen harsher, but the car feels more planted & corners blissfully, I do however think the wheels could be better balanced, steering wheel vibrated awful above 60mph. So, I Topped the steering rack up with EP90 and it halved the vibes, renewed the eye bolt and tie rod bushes, vibes halved again, new near side suspension leg and trunion kit fitted, top trunion was shot, then had the tracking aligned to a 2mm toe in, vibes still there but bearable, will have the wheels re-balanced soonish.

Aldon Igniter solid state electronic ignition and Flame thrower coil. what can I say? Just do it!
Vented ford disc brake kit Simple bolt on mod. go for it
After15 years the second hand Alternator packed up so replaced with a refubed one Nov 16