Morris Minor Modifications

Morris Marina Pedal Box into A Morris Minor

Marina servo parts and Master cylinders are no longer available according to my local motor factor & my what seemed never ending attempts on the internet, so, from the TR shop London on eBay a new servo & dual circuit master cylinder for a Triumph TR6 was acquired. Clutch master from merlin motor sport, a remote res Girling 75 ( Sept 2015 fitted a Girling type .5 inch Clutch master - lightened the clutch pedal by 3 times) with shortened operating rod, used a 5/16 24UNF split Die and hacksaw to modify. The pedal box mounting bracket from ESM.

I decided to:

Relocate the main wiring loom and fuse box to the near side firewall.

Heater water pipes would go through the left hand side of the battery box.

Throttle cable will utilise the Marina PB.

Fresh air hose moved closer to the flitch as would the bonnet opening rod.

Washer bottle pipe would stay put.




Disconnected all wires in the engine bay and cut the wires leading the rear lights and tank sender, I snipped them just above the off side shock absorber. Then pulled the loom into the car through the drivers glove box, then fed in past the speedo, then disconnected the wiper wires and fuel pump wire and pulled this into the car through the passenger glove box, then enlarged the hole where the wiper wires were and fed the loom back out into the engine bay and re fitted the grommet around the loom and secured. I fitted a heavy duty junction box to take the main battery feed wire to the fuse box via an ammeter.

Then extended the wires that I cut earlier to the rear lights and tank (soldered) , also extended the three dip switch wires(three way bullet connector) and fitted a new white wire live to the coil, the green/yellow oil pressure switch wire was long enough, extended the charge warning light wire that goes to the alternator; these wires were wrapped in cable protect and fitted under the battery tray lip.

The head lamp, side light and brake light wires were ok but the off side indicator wire needed extending and the horn was re-located on the near side tie plate. 

Removed the sound deadening from the inside of the car where I would be cutting the hole, removed the carpets and covered the seats with a fire blanket.

Used the PBox bracket as a template and marked where the baulk head would need cutting .

A minute later the hole was cut, those plasma cutters are very fast! quiet and light even with a built in compressor, less grinding keeps the shift workers happy.

Mounting bracket welded into place. With the battery moved to the near side there was plenty of room for the heater water pipes and the remote reservoir for the clutch master cylinder: the remote res had to be mounted here because the bonnet cross brace would hit it if it was screwed directly into the cylinder.

will have to make up a plate to cover the top of the pedal box .

The Clutch Master was plumbed into a Mini slave that was bolted onto the Morris Minor's bell housing, the threaded bolt holes are already there.

Plumbed in a new length of brake pipe from the master to the rear flexi, used the existing front brake pipe from the old master, just bent it to the new position, cut and flared. fitted new flexi pipes all round while I was at it.

Modified Morris Minor clutch operating rod that will fit into the Mini slave cylinder. This same setup was used when I fitted a 5 speed conversion to a 1275 Midget engine.


Radius the cut end of the rod with a file.The thread can be extended if necessary by using a 5/16 24 unf die

The pedal levers had to be bent as shown, I used a blow lamp, vice and a lump hammer.

Will need a new piece of carpet for the 5 speed gearbox cover

I wanted the fresh air hose so I slipped it in here.

The throttle pedal is quite easy to bend to clear the wheel arch. I used the original Marina throttle cable that came with the pedal box, the Minor throttle cable had the correct nipple but was a little short, may be because I have a HIF carb fitted.

Well this is how I fitted mine, its up to you how you fit yours. My brakes are great as is the clutch and the heater is working as it always did.

The fitting took a couple of weekends, rewire one weekend and the rest the following weekend, the pedal bending took about 4 hours to get right, a lot of trial fitting required.