Morris Minor OC Web Rally 06

Morris Minor Boot lid repairs

Summer 2007


Take one slightly rusty boot lid.

Offer up the repair panel and mark where you will be cutting.


Cut out the marked section plus the rotten bits of the inner skin
tack in place
inner tack to repair panel
inner repair section cut to size
Outer welded in place.
Inner welded into place plus some weld added to the lip to to ground off later . At this stage poured some Bilt Hamber's rust converter Hydrate 80 into the gap between the inner and outer and swished it all around the edges coating the internal sufaces
Make sure you use a good quality mask before you start praying, mine is a 3M 06783L Paint Spray Respirator and filter pack
My neat little HVLP paint sprayer. Earlex HV5000.
Old paint stripped back to bare metal, weld linished, filled and etch primed EP21

finnished job. BL Dark Racing Green Cellulose.

The whole car was sprayed with the Earlex HV5000 a panel at a time. Used 6ltrs of top coat paint so far with a front wing and door left to finish off.


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