Morris Minor Fitting a heated Windscreen

Heated Windscreen

Originally fitted 2007

Fitted a new Windscreen Rubber and insert May 2015

So the windscreen rubber lasted 8 years before it started leaking, I remember that last time it was a real pain to fit the insert so this time -

I fitted the rubber to the glass , this time I left the wires visible instead drilling holes and hiding them, I then also fitted the chrome plastic insert into the rubber whilst the screen was out of the car, this a lot easier than fitting with the screen in the car and saved me a few hours of swearing and cursing; fitting the screen to the car as usual with strong cord it popped in a treat - I did spray the lip and rubber with WD40 this time instead of using soapy water. Finished it off by gunning in almost 1 tube of M3 windscreen sealer - excellent stuff.

I purchased a front and rear heated screen package special offer from Bull Motif

I decided that the wires would be hidden from view and this would involve drilling 2 small holes in the outer lip of the windscreen recess. but first off you need to fit the ws rubber to the glass.

fit the rubber to the top of the glass with the join in the middle, continue fitting until you reach one of the bottom corners where the wires are.

Crocs optional

I used a small drill bit to make a hole through the rubber, the hole should go just above the channel where the glass sits facing inwards.

Top Tip for getting the wire threaded through the rubber like this is to use part of a biro pen, push the pen through the hole you have made and thread the wire into the end of the pen and pull pen out.

continue fitting along the bottom until you reach the other wire and repeat


wrap your strong cord around inner rubber lip as you would normally ready for fitting.

The cord size is important don't use thin weak stuff, it just cuts into the rubber or breaks, I used the stuff used as guide lines on my super gazebo, its about 5mm in diameter.

Remove the old windscreen and rubber, couple of minutes with a Stanley knife, I then cleaned of the old gloop stuck to the recess.

Offer up the windscreen into the recess and mark the recess where your wires emerge from the rubber  and drill the holes. debur the holes so there are no sharp edges. I also used some heat shrink sleeving on the wires where they sit in the holes.

Leak free, yippy! I earthed left-hand wire
right-hand wire connected to a fused switch and warning light.
Now offer up the windscreen and thread the wires through the holes, then fit the screen as normal, I hardest bit I found was fitting the chrome plastic insert, I must buy an insert tool next time. By the way, glove boxes will have to come out so that you can reach the wires. After the screen is fitted gun in plenty of 3M windscreen sealer. I wired both screens up through individual 20 amp fuses, 20 amp switches and warning lights. The rear heated screen was a breeze to fit , I  positioned the screen in place and wedged it in place with a yard broom, went outside pulled the cord, popped the rubber over the lip, gunned in the sealer and cleaned up the excess , job done in 30 minutes.  
Local weather reported -5c this morning 16/11/07, first frost of the year for me. nice test for the heated screens
Wow!!! 2 minutes 30 seconds later, front screen works great, not even a hint of misting on the inside. Brill!
Rear after 2 minutes 30 seconds
Rear screen after 5 minutes.
Heated screens are a couple of the best things I've bought for the Mog. Made me chuckle at work when the euro box drivers talked about scraping their windscreens, "oh haven't you got heated windscreens then! lol"