Morris Minor OC Web Rally 06

Off Side Rear Spring Hanger repair

and Axle alignment 07



I used these 2 repair panels from EMS

Repairs carried out with the fuel tank in place, its a new tank with no leaks, before grinding and welding wet towels were used to cover the filler cap, wrapped round the filler pipe and placed over the sender unit; if your tank is old, leaky, rusty, or you dont like the idea of welding near it take it out. Before cutting out the rotten section out make a couple of measurements from the centre of the upper shackle pin to somewhere on the body where you won't be cutting, I used metal workers steel dividers. the new chassis upper spring hanger pin would be positioned 4mm forward of its present location, I had already relocated the front spring hanger 12mm forward.
take one slightly corroded and patched rear chassis extension and ....
you can see the join where you need to separate the rusted out section, I attacked it with a angle grinder but you could drill out the original spot welds
Another bucket full of dead Moggy
I cut out a wee bit more from the wheel arch and boot floor. After wedging in the new section and double checking my measurements I took earlier I tack welded it into place, I followed this by plug welding it to the boot floor / upper inner rear chassis extension joint. The paint you see is Electrolux. Most of the notches in the wheel arch flange are made by the angle grinder whilst cutting out the rotten stuff, oops.New flanges were welded in about 4 years ago and there is a lot surface rust back.They were treated with a few coats of hammerite at the time. This time I will do away with the wing beading as its a rust trap.
I was that fed up with the crap summer weather we had this year I went and bought a Super Gazebo, nothing was going get between me and the Moggy!
Closing panel seam welded along the top and around the mounting hole, plug welded along the bottom seam. The liquid you see painted on here is Hydrate 80 rust converter, it also I find makes a good seam/weld sealer, you know those pin holes you always get, it goes off  like the toughest plasticy stuff I've seen, in fact be careful where you paint it as its a bugger to remove.
Get yourself a cornflake box and make a template so that you can cut out the rough shape of the hole that needs filling, take your time and bend it in to shape, trimming off a bit at a time until your happy, tack weld as you go, tapping with your panel beater and tack.
Good penetration
A couple of coats of Electrolux and the remnants out of the spray gun, this is a good example of what bloom looks like, it was green a minute ago. and the more paint I put on the worse it got , stick to warm dry days for spraying.

My spring hanger shackle plates were at different angles, the NS was near vertical and the OS was way off vertical.

Further investigation would be required .

With the aid of a Plumb Bob and a very large piece of cardboard (had a large box that my new exhaust arrived in) I took a few measurements at the rear of the car.

I drove the car onto the cardboard and used the plumb bob to mark the points I was interested in, all measurement were taken from the centres of the bolts, pins and wheels, choose a calm windless day otherwise your Plumb Bob will not settle.


From the results shown on the left, the front off side spring hanger was relocated 12mm forward and a new rear chassis extension positioned 4mm forward, this not only lined up the shackle plates but the axle and rear wheels too.


Summer 2015 I replaced all sills. Should be good for another 50 years .